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blackivory's Journal

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[Note]: NO, I am not the sexy, mysterious Sage, nor do I take credit for her. All credit goes to Marvel Comics and the writers/creators of X-Men. This journal is a rollplaying journal for Sage at next_phase.

Name: Tessa Niles
Codename: Sage
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: black
Appearance: Tessa is very fair in skin tone, but has jet black hair in which she keeps up neatly off her neck, save the strands of long wavy hair she allows to frame her face. Below both of her eyes is a jagged black line, which may sometimes make her seem all that more intimidating, mysterious, or beautiful. Tessa, more commonly referred to as Sage, tends to wear cleavage revealing, tight black clothes as an X-Man to reveal her feminine yet fit body.
Disposition: With her ability to store vast amounts of information in which she may take in from all or any of her experiences Tessa takes on a leadership role amongst the X-Men as an advisor and counsellor. Her physical appeal, cool nature, and down to earth personality make her seem reserved and almost mysterious, but like most of her fellow X-Men she has both a lethal side, when needed, and a friendly, social side.
Known Superhuman Powers: Although a telepath Sage has limited abilities to her powers- she is able to read
minds as well as communicate telepathically, but that is the extent. Sage also possesses a computer like memory, which allows her to store large amounts of information and recall it almost instantly. Her other abilities include being able to detect other mutants and temporarily catalyze a latent mutant's powers as well as being very skilled and well trained in martial arts.
History: As a young teenager, Tessa was recruited by Professor Xavier into his school for the gifted. When she became older Professor Xavier assigned her the task of becoming a spy at the Hellfire Club. Upon going undercover and being admitted into the club Tessa became an assistant as well as a counsellor to Sebastian Shaw, the leader of the club for the New York branch. After a few years she returned to the institute to become a member of the X-Men, taking on the roll of an advisor. Tessa even went as far as to advise and persuade Senator Kelly not to run for president on an anti-mutant platform in which she was successful.